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Bloody scientists

Scientists have announced their discovery that rats exhibit a period of increased brain activity before dying. They suggest that this might explain out of body experiences or sensations of walking towards a light…
…or maybe it could be evidence of the soul disengaging from the body, or the rat panicking, or the rat equivalent of screaming “fuck off you evil, sadistic bastard!”.
When will these people stop torturing animals? After all, in many cases they only guess at what their findings mean. And this one is particularly hideous – “let’s kill some rats and see if we can guess at what they’re experiencing”. (To show increased brain activity, they could not have been anaesthetised properly).

So, let’s kill rats and make some guesses – ¬†while we’re at it, why not slice open their abdomens and read fortunes from their entrails?
Then again, the idea of a rat walking towards the light does have beauty.