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Just sitting

Have you ever had a moment when your mind is empty of thought and plans and schemes and judgements and opinions? A time when you just are?

A time when you don’t allow your thoughts, plans, schemes, judgements, opinions, to influence the way you perceive the moment. A temporary and necessarily partial suspension of cause and effect withing your conscious stream, your flow of being?
It can come upon you unannounced when you are sitting in a field of grass feeling the breeze in your hair, the sun on your face, or on a hillside looking down on the glittering meandering of a river in the valley, or when watching the sea, with the warm “shush” of breaking waves, hearing the low hum of the summer sun.
That pure and open state where everything becomes clearer, more colourful, multidimensional, real.
When the mind disengages from the concerns of everyday living – and just is.

Parallel lives?

Billions of years ago,our universe appeared as a consequence of the ‘Big Bang’. From a microscopic beginning, it has expanded to the universe we see today.However, there is a problem. In order to make the Big Bang fit with current observations, there would have to be a period of rapid inflation soon after the Big Bang itself.

This period of rapid inflation, driven by a negative vacuum, has consequences, and one of these consequences is that other ‘bubbles’ would have formed and developed into universes of their own. In fact, potentially, an infinite number of separate universes may have been born at that time and since. Many of these universes would be very strange, some probably empty, but some would be much like our universe.

Further,we don’t know how big our universe actually is. The farthest galaxy yet observed is about 13,000,000,000 light years away. Does our local universe extend beyond that distance? If so, how much farther does it extend? If our universe carries on significantly beyond this distance, there is an interesting consequence.

The matter in the universe can be arranged in finite number of ways. If the size of the universe approaches infinity, the pattern of arrangement of matter will start repeating; there will be regions of this extended universe which are exactly like ours. And the number of regions exactly like our own should also approach infinity.

If there is, then, an infinite number of universes or an infinite universe, given that these universes or regions each contain particles that can be arranged in only a finite number ways, then some will be exactly like ours – exactly in that there is no difference.

A universe that is minutely exact in its likeness to our universe, a universe that is no different from ours, could be identified as our universe. It is the same universe. Would the beings living in that universe be the same beings? Would the other universe’s you actually be you?

Imagine an infinite number of beings that could be identified as you, each living exactly the same life – up to a point. There should be minor differences in most of these parallel lives, and in many there will be major differences. But they are all you. They think similarly, have similar histories, and will have similar futures.

But which one of these versions is associated with your conscious being? Are they all? Or might each conscious life be experienced separately, in parallel or sequentially? When one parallel being comes to the end of their life,might the conscious entity move to another of these beings, to start life again, leading a similar life, but with the possibility of making different choices?

If this is possible, then sequential and parallel become one, with interesting potential effects upon consciousness – and consequences for the soul.