Tony rides to the rescue

Tony rides to the rescue!

Tony Blair, that acceptable face of socialism, has been offering his services to the Labour party for the coming election campaign. Tony, all teeth and diamond-sparkle grin, riding in on a stunning white charger to save the country from a government not easily distinguishable from the one that he led.

The multi-millionaire who presided over a disastrous military intervention in the Middle East, over the beginning privatisation of the National Health Service, who charges phenomenal sums to appear for after-dinner talks (what are they paying for?), and who sells his services as an advisor to some really dodgy regimes, thinks that the British Electorate would be so impressed by his presence that the Labour party would be propelled into power in May.

If Labour want to win this election, and I hope that they do win, they would be well advised to steer clear of Mr. Blair.