Just sitting

Have you ever had a moment when your mind is empty of thought and plans and schemes and judgements and opinions? A time when you just are?

A time when you don’t allow your thoughts, plans, schemes, judgements, opinions, to influence the way you perceive the moment. A temporary and necessarily partial suspension of cause and effect withing your conscious stream, your flow of being?
It can come upon you unannounced when you are sitting in a field of grass feeling the breeze in your hair, the sun on your face, or on a hillside looking down on the glittering meandering of a river in the valley, or when watching the sea, with the warm “shush” of breaking waves, hearing the low hum of the summer sun.
That pure and open state where everything becomes clearer, more colourful, multidimensional, real.
When the mind disengages from the concerns of everyday living – and just is.